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Since 2007, Northern Colorado Writers has provided support and encouragement to writers of all levels and genres in Northern Colorado and beyond. Through monthly meetings, classes, networking & social events, the annual conference, the monthly newsletter and annual retreat, NCW helps writers navigate their way to success. 

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Writing for Peace

DoveTalesCarmel Mawle, NCW member and founder of Writing for Peace is now accepting submissions for the 2017 edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts. "DoveTales is an extension of our mission to promote writing that explores the many aspects of peace. Our purpose is to expose young writers to a diverse collection of thoughtful works by established and emerging writers, as well as our advisers. The journal will also feature works by the winners of our annual Young Writer Competition. The journal will be released on May 1st, 2017."  See full guidelines

The Writing Bug

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 The Writing Bug brings unique views and insights into the world of writing and publishing straight to you. Written by NCW members, the blog began in 2008 as a way to connect with both authors and readers to share literary news and musings. 

Writer's Digest Conference

17448 WDC 300x300Save $25 when you sign up for the Writer's Digest Conference in NYC this August 12-14 when you use the discount code, NCWWD25


Upcoming Classes

Trai CartwrightAugust 6, 10:00 - 1:00  
Writing Brilliant Paragraphs
Instructor: Trai Cartwright
The best writing seems effortless and dynamic, but how did the writer make it that way? Was it magic? Good luck? Not at all—just some fundamental craft devices all great writers know. If you’re ready to work at this level, bring a scene from your own work, and we’ll pull apart what makes for a great paragraph, and how to write one after another after another. This is an advanced mechanics class that unpacks writing at the paragraph, sentence, and word choice level. More information.

Hot off the Press

Damned If You DoThe path to temptation is paved with a hellish amount of paperwork. Soul acquisition is a drag, but if Abaddon doesn’t catch up on his quota, he could be demoted to scooping poop for the Hounds of Hell. With a deadline hanging over him, he heads for the Bible Belt, looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and challenge. Seth is a blind musician, part of a traveling tent revival. He’s cute, mystically talented, and quotes the Bible at every turn. His soul is pure enough to fill Abaddon’s quota for months to come, and Abaddon is determined to claim it. Marie Sexton's Damned If You Do, is available for purchase on Amazon. See more member books in our library!

06 Aug 2016
10:00AM - 01:00PM
Writing Brilliant Paragraphs
08 Aug 2016
08:30AM - 12:30PM
NCW Write In
22 Aug 2016
06:00PM -
Networking Night Out

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