Since 2007, Northern Colorado Writers has provided support and encouragement to writers of all levels and genres in Northern Colorado and beyond. Through monthly meetings, classes, networking & social events, the annual conference, the monthly newsletter and annual retreat, NCW helps new and established writers navigate their way to success.


"Through the NCW’s classes, workshops and support, I’ve received so much valuable information and skills which I feel, led me to a publisher for my book. Being connected with so many great writers who just want to learn from and support one another is one of the reasons I love being a member." ~April Moore (author of Folsom's 93)

"Northern Colorado Writers has been a great help to me in my pursuit of being a better writer. The classes, coffees, contests and critique groups have made me a better, I know. I enjoy hearing from and learning from such a diverse and eclectic group of people who write in so many genres.  Everyone is so willing to share ideas and help eac hother since we all have all have a common bond in writing." ~Bob McDonnell (journalist and blogger)

"If it hadn't been for NCW, I would not be a published author right now. Because of NCW, I joined a writer's group, received feedback on my writing, made some great friends and connections in the world of writing, and was able to learn and grow as an author. Kerrie Flanagan's dream to encourage people in all aspects of writing, is a dream that continues to inspire others." ~Pat Walker (author of Dance of the Electric Hummingbird)

"After years of academic writing, I lost the knack for communicating with the rest of the world. NCW helped me hone my skills and provided tools for reaching a wider range of audiences with my writing." ~Elissa

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NCW Podcast 40: Self Publishing III
Tue Dec 01 @ 8:00AM
NCW Podcast BONUS: Kelly Baugh
Fri Dec 04 @ 8:00AM
NCW Write In
Mon Dec 14 @ 8:30AM

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