You may not be able to attend the entire conference, but you can still take advantage of some incredible writing opportunities! Sign up for a 2-hour Master Class or attend the Agent-Editor Panel Luncheon. You can even join us for our Banquet Dinner and hear keynote speaker, Peter Heller! Location: Fort Collins Marriott

Master Classes, Friday, May 4 ~ 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. ~ $48

Query Letter Bootcamp with Angie Hodapp

Most writers will tell you that writing a good query letter is more difficult than writing the whole manuscript. How do you distill the essence of your novel into one pithy pitch paragraph? Come find out! Angie will divulge why so few query letters lead to requests for pages, and then walk you through how to write a standout four-part query letter while avoiding common pitfalls.

Delivering Your Own Baby: Self-Publishing with Brian Kaufman

Author/publisher Brian Kaufman traces the many choices involved in self-publishing your work, beginning with the decision to bypass traditional publishing. Whether you’re considering a small family project or aiming at a large audience, this class will prepare you for the necessary steps.

Good Dialogue Made Easy with Teresa Funke

Nothing marks an amateur writer quicker and more definitively than bad dialogue. In this popular workshop, Teresa will teach you how to develop an ear for dialogue, with special emphasis on using dialogue to reveal character, build suspense and set mood, and move your story forward. Through listening and writing exercises, you'll learn how to "hear" when your dialogue is working and when it isn't. We'll also discuss pacing, tag lines, dialect and accents, slang and cussing, how to use humor, and most importantly, how to tighten your exchanges so every word counts.

Agent-Editor Panel Luncheon, Friday, May 4 ~ 11:15-12:45 ~ $48

Want to know the latest in the publishing industry? Want to hear straight from the agents and editors what they're looking for? For just $48, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and listen in as industry professionals dish about what's happening in the writing world. From 11:15 to 11:45, attendees will enjoy a Greek buffet while jotting down their burning questions on provided notecards. Moderator, JC Lynne, will then collect the cards and read aloud the questions; the agents and editors will each have a chance to answer these questions.

MASTER CLASS / LUNCHEON REGISTRATION  (If you sign up for both, you save $10!)

Banquet Dinner, Friday, May 4 ~ 6:30-8:00 p.m. ~ $49

The dinner will include recognizing the recipients of the Jerry Eckert Scholarship, a short movie from the Conference Creative Team, and keynote speaker Peter Heller!