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Jason Brick | Presenter

In his ten years as a full-time, professional writer, Jason has contributed to over 40 books and 4,000 articles. He speaks internationally about business to writers, and to writers about business. When not writing or speaking, he practices martial arts, travels, cooks, and spoils the bajeezus out of his lovely wife and two fine sons. He lives in Oregon. 

Jason will be teaching a master class and a regular session on the following topics: 

Building your Business as a Writer MASTER CLASS - The sad fact about writing for a living is the skills necessary for the business end are an entirely different set of skills from those needed to write well. That's why mediocre, but publicity-savvy or business-savvy writers often outperform people who write much better stories. But here's the good news. Writing is much harder to understand than the business stuff. Anybody with the mojo to write can learn the business and marketing ends. It's just that most of us haven't been exposed to basic business and marketing concepts in ways we can apply to our writing careers. This master class will teach the general concepts of building a writing business, then transition into building an actual plan for your writing career. Whether you want simple publication and need project management, want to develop a second job as a freelance journalist, or hope to go full-time with your writing as soon as possible, we'll find your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and resources to make it happen. 

It's Not a Book, It's a Business! - Writers are smart, but not many of us have been trained in the basics of business. Marketing, management, project structure, organization, and systems are as important to your writing business as they are to the scrapbooking shop next door and the karate school down the block. In this session, Jason will work with you on the basics of writing as a business, and help you develop a comprehensive plan to meet your writing goals. 

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