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LS Hawker | Presenter

LS Hawker is the author of USA Today bestseller and ITW Thriller Awards finalist THE DROWNING GAME, as well as BODY AND BONE, END OF THE ROAD, and THE THROWAWAYS. View book trailers and read about her adventures as cocktail waitress, traveling Kmart portrait photographer, and witness to basement exorcisms on

Lisa will be teaching sessions on the following topics: 

Writing a Thriller that Readers Can't Put Down According to, mystery/thriller/crime novels account for 47% of all fiction purchased. The thriller is the genre of our age--reflecting the fears, stresses, and break-neck pace of life in the 21st century. Learn how to get started in the genre in this workshop. 

What's Your Canoe? Identifying and Excising Your Manuscript's Achilles Heel WORKSHOP As writers, we often become unnaturally attached to various elements of our stories that don't work, whether they be characters, plot elements, or even lines of description or dialogue. Learning to identify these and then let them go (i.e., killing your darlings) can mean the difference between a manuscript that's publishable and one that sits in a bottom drawer for all eternity. When I turned in book two of my three-book non-series contract, my editor told me that the story didn't work. There was an element in the story—specifically, a canoe with clues in it—that made no sense, that didn't fit with the story, but I held onto it, made excuses for it like a bad boyfriend. I had to learn to let it go, and once I did, the manuscript came together. 

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