In the world of botany, Loam is defined as a type of soil with an earthy mixture of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter to which its fertility is chiefly due. As writers, we have a tendency to only examine our concepts and creations rather than where they come from. For centuries, cultures have argued for the geographical richness of their soil. Be it due to decay, history, debris, war, erosion, spirituality, salt, and even ash. There has always been identity associated with the land. Together we will seek to understand our tendencies, defaults, and penchants to activate our decisions with intention. In this generative and investigative workshop participants will roll their sleeves up and get dirty as our pencils turn to shovels while we try to discover the contents of our own loams and use them as tools to vitalize, blossom, and prosper our writing.

This workshop is geared toward all levels and genres of writing.

In addition to delivering the closing keynote, Jovan is also presenting:

On Finding Your River