Angie Hodapp
Christa Heschke
Stacy Testa
Patricia Nelson
Bruce Bortz
Kristen Moeller
Becky LeJeune

Friday, May 4, 3:00-4:15

Each agent or editor will have 14 slots available, giving writers 5 minutes to pitch their book. There will be a time keeper moderating the session, but it is extremely important that both the writers and the agent/editor is mindful of not going over the allotted time. You will be able to signup for another pitch for $10.

Something to keep in mind, is that when it comes to fiction, many agents and editors prefer to have the manuscript finished and ready to be submitted, should they request to read more. Do not bring the full manuscript! If the agent or editor would like to see more, he/she will request that you email them the document(s) after the conference. If you think you're not quite ready to pitch your book, you might be better suited for the critique session