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Jaydine Rendall      Website

Preferred grade levels: Grades 4 - 7  
High Plains Heroes

Title:  High Plains Heroes: Josiah 
Grade Level:  Upper elementary through 7th grade
Genre:  Children's fiction
Description: Thirteen-year-old Josiah Sullivan is discovering the wonders of the high plains in Colorado Territory in 1862. His family has come to Weld County to avoid the tumult of the American Civil War. Josiah's path crosses with a young Arapaho boy, Lost Stick. As their cultures collide, Josiah must decide whether Lost Stick is a friend or a foe. A dangerous journey into the Rocky Mountains tests Josiah's courage and survival skills. Living on the American Frontier is not for the faint of heart!
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Alice Longaker      Website

Preferred grade levels: Middle School for book-related presentations (most appropriate for girls but flexible). Available for writing topics for 4th-8th grades and adults.

Title:  Wren
Grade Level:  Middle school
Genre:  Middle grade fiction
Description: Wren’s summer plans crash with the news of her mother’s diagnosis of Breast Cancer. While her mother focuses on healing, Wren is sent to spend the summer with her grandparents in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.The not-so-typical grandparents are aging hippies with goats, chickens, and alpacas as companions. With new friends, increased independence, and acres of woods to explore, Wren tries to discover what she wants to do when she is grown—an archaeologist, or ranger, perhaps a writer or a singer? Without cell phone reception or internet access, Wren feels detached from those back home. Chiggers bite. Spiders lurk. An owl calls outside of Wren’s window. Sometimes Wren gets scared. Yet, even in bleak sorrow and loss, Wren can see that life does not have to be perfect to be good.
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Teresa R. Funke Website

Preferred grade levels: Upper elementary and middle school, but can also do all-school assemblies for elementary schools and classroom visits to high schools.

Title:  Doing My Part (Home-Front Heroes)
Grade Level:  Middle Grade
Genre:  Middle grade/Historical fiction
Description:  Until World War II came along, fourteen-year-old Helen Marshall's biggest problem had been her height. Few men in Hayden's Valley, Illinois, are as tall as Helen. But when Helen's mother is injured, and her favorite cousin ships off to fight, Helen must find a way to support both her family and her country.
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NoNo Cover 2 300dpi

Title:  The No-No Boys (Home-Front Heroes)
Grade Level:  Middle Grade 
Middle Grade/Historical fiction
Description:  Fourteen-year-old Tai Shimoda's family has lost everything. Like many other Japanese-Americans at the start of World War II, Tai's family has been forced to move to Tule Lake Relocation Center in Northern California. Though he misses his friends back home, Tai does his best to start a new life behind the barbed wire of camp. But in the spring of 1943, tensions at Tule Lake are growing. Tai's oder brother has joined a group who has refused to swear allegiance to the United States. They call themselves the No-Nos. Will Tai follow his brother's footsteps, or like his father, stay true to America?
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VforVictory300dpi Title:  V for Victory (Home-Front Heroes)
Grade Level:  Middle Grade
Genre:  Middle Grade/Historical fiction
Description:  Twelve-year-old Miguel Montoya feelds left behind. Everyone else in his large fmaily is "doing his part" for the war effort. His brother is flying dangerous missions over enemy territory, while his sister and aunt are volunteering around town. Miguel offers to take their places in the family grocery store, only to be told he's not old enough to do anything more than sweep floors and keep an eye on his bothersome nephew, Victor. When Miguel befriends a wounded soldier, though, the realities of war hit home. And on the fateful day when his family needs him most, it is Miguel who must do his part to save his nephew. 
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WaveMeGoodbye300dpi 2 Title:  Wave Me Good-Bye (Home-Front Heroes)
Grade Level:  Middle Grade
Middle Grade/Historical fiction
Description:  Miriam Lieber has a lot on her mind. World War II is raging and her Jewish relatives in Europe have simply disappeared. No one understands her worries--until she meets Christopher Richards, an English boy whisked to America to escape the bombings of London. Miriam and Chris exchange comic books and secrets through the iron bars of the orphanage fence. But will their friendship survive when trouble brews?
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Dancing in Combat Boots Title:  Dancing in Combat Boots: and other stories of American Women in WWII
Grade Level:  Teens and Adults
Historical fiction
Description:  When the going got tough during World War II, America's women got going. The 11 fictional stories in this award-winning collection are based on real women whose wartime experiences were at once typical and extraordinary.
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RememberWake300dpi Title:  Remember Wake
Grade Level:  Teen and Adult
Genre:  Historical fiction
Description:  December 1941: While the world focuses on the carnage at Pearl Harbor, tiny Wake Island is also under attack. Civilian Colin Finnely is taken prisoner by the Japanese, while his fiance back home, unsure if he is even alive, faces difficult decisions.
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